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the village committee cadres to apportion forcibly low household welfare lottery

Diagram for low-income Huang Jinglin told reporters produced his forced to buy a welfare lottery . Essentials of low ,must buy MBTa lottery ticket .Recently, the Jiangxi province Yudu County town of silver silver pit village village of complaints ,their village recently encountered a strange thing, the village committee cadres to apportion forcibly low household welfare lottery ,if do not buy low qualification will be canceled .
Complaints of villagers Village to apportion lottery low protect a village a few low household life extremely difficult ,many poor households home have disabilities ,largely rely on government assistance per person per month 30 yuan oflow gold days ,usually spend more is a yuan as two-spot with .
This surname Huang man complained that ,not long ago ,the village committee cadres above may be received notification ,bring some welfare lottery task ,then find the village of low-income ,asking them to buy 50 yuan per household per capita welfare lottery ,otherwise it won low gold .
For this, the reporter went to the Yudu County silver pit town silver pit village to interview .The villagers pointing ,random reporter found a new house village group low person insured by the Yellow house .
Huang Jinglin tells a reporter ,there are 5 people in his family ,every quarter can receive 500 yuan low gold .In June this year, village accountant professional, Huang Jijin found him, asked him to buy lottery tickets ,said to be the village each minimal assurance households to buy ,do not buy, will cancel his family minimum qualifications .
In desperation ,Huang Jinglin had to follow the standard 50 yuan per person,the family purchased a $250 lottery. This is our MBT Shoeshome one and a half months of low gold .Huang Jinglin said ,in the home was difficult, although reluctant to buy lottery tickets, but not to cancel low ,or in accordance with the requirements to buy lottery .
Subsequently, he will have to buy lottery show reporters .In the Liu Yinglong home ,Liu Yinglong also confirms to the reporter ,he also bought 200 yuan ofthe welfare lottery .In addition ,according to people familiar with the villagers, low protect a Huang Junsheng family purchased the $150 lottery,Huang Jianhua purchased the $200 lottery,Liu Guixiang bought a 50 yuanticket .
.. … Huang Jinglin said ,he had seen the village committee publicity the minimal assurance list ,there are 57 and 175,per person to buy it, with 8000 multivariate.The director of the village committee in the town welfare lottery is allotted task for this, the reporter interviewed the silver pit town departments ,and through the mobile phone to contact the silver pit village committee director Zhang Zuqing .
Buy lottery tickets are voluntary ,low-income residents may purchase the hundreds of pieces of lottery .Zhang Zuqing said on the phone ,the town allotted task ,the village took 6000 yuanlottery task ,village cadre oneself are bought, not to impose low protect .
According to Zhang Zuqing, this year he has bought 300 yuanlast year ,village cadre each bought 1000 yuanlottery ,last year has a mission .In response, Yudu County silver pit by the town of Home Zhang deputy director explained ,buy lottery tickets are voluntary ,someone to come home ,I will sell it .
The welfare lottery is from China ,saying China ,we also need to support .Zhang Zuqing said to Huang Jijin ,village cadre to cancel low charges low protect a lottery ,he thinks the cousin ( a village ) is a bit extreme ,MBT Shoes Clearancestaff will never say .
Experts and scholars behind the refraction regulatory system deficiencies welfare lottery the role originally help the disabled ,rescues orphaned poor, now is to help people to spend their own money to buy to help their own lottery ,it can not be said to be a black humor .
Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, a scholar said ,behind this reflects the low gold and welfare lottery regulatory system deficiencies . Minimum living allowance for the difficulties of the masses is the government loans policy capital ,is the basic needs of living to the recipients money .
The welfare lottery is a public welfare lottery betting ,but eventually with nature ,have certain risk sex .Hall of Jiangxi province civil administration staff who think ,let difficult masses with some minimal assurance funds to buy lottery tickets, is contrary to the government released the original intention of low gold ,damage the interests of the masses is difficult ,and to some extent fueled speculation ,a bad influence in society .
The reporter understands ,in early 2003 ,Jiangxi province Xinjian County stone hill town in the district had for nearly a hundred households minimal assurance family apportion forced to buy lottery ,causing the district director of Institute of dismissal .
Afterwards ,hard sell lottery funding are all returned to their .Prior to this, Guangfeng County Yongfeng town in the district due to low-income residents in issuing minimal assurance when tying the welfareDiscount MBT Shoes lottery ,is also relevant departments investigate and deal with .
At present, in the primary ,many civil affairs departments will give the district units or individuals to allot lottery task ,and some units and individuals in order to complete the task, it may take some covert operation method .
Jiangxi Provincial Acadimageemy of Social Sciences, a scholar said ,in charge of the distribution of low Gold Civil Affairs Department is also responsible for the welfare lottery issuance and management ,it is easy to sectional interest impact the interests of the masses, social interest behavior caused an opportunity ,it is urgent to formulate relevant regulations, do a good MBT Shoes Cheapjob in the work of the welfare lottery sales at the same time ,to ensure that the difficulties of the masses life-saving money don be eyeing .

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